Looking for an alternative to Zoom, Tidio and HubSpot? Meet Vicodo, an all-in-one customer communication tool.

How many tools do you pay for to cover all your customer-related needs? Is it really necessary to have multiple subscriptions to keep your clients happy and conversion high? In this article, you will learn how to reduce customer communication costs without compromising on quality. We’ll introduce you to a no-installation, white-label solution that brings back the human touch to online communication. Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

You can reduce customer communication costs without compromising on quality. Actually, you can reduce the costs and bring back the human touch to your customer service.

How many tools do you use to keep your clients happy? Live chat on your website, CRM tool, video communication app, calendar for scheduling...the list may be even longer. Sure, the tools you use were designed to serve users best, but do you utilize all of the key features you are paying for? In fact, you may lose as much as $259 yearly on unnecessary software.

Besides financial consequences, using several tools may decrease your team’s productivity. So instead of switching between tabs, use a simple and powerful solution designed as the answer for all companies that want to grant the best video communication to their customers.

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💡Vicodo is focused on customer video communication, not video conferencing. We aim to help users foster human-to-human relationships with their clients to increase revenue.

Why Vicodo is the best alternative to Zoom & Google Meet

1. Vicodo doesn't require installation

Customers often don't join scheduled meetings because of the complex software installation process. With Vicodo, they just need to click a link from the invitation they receive via email or SMS (you decide!). It's that simple.

Customers expect fast response time, and every second they lose on installing software distances them from getting the solution. Using tools that require downloading or logging in is like playing on-hold music on the phone. No one likes that.

Let your customers join meetings immediately - one click, and they are in. Vicodo works on desktop and mobile devices. It means that clients can reach you even on the go. Each time you start a call, the case is created where you can check chat history and store sent files. Thanks to this feature, you will not lose conversation details after finishing a meeting.

💡 The cases help you manage your customers - you may think of them as tickets combined with clients’ profiles. We will elaborate on that more in the Why Vicodo is the best alternative to HubSpot section.

2. Vicodo is a white-label solution

We believe your clients should focus on your brand when interacting with you. Why advertise your software provider when you can grow your brand awareness? Even a very short exposure to the company's logo can significantly affect customers' actions and behavior.

With Vicodo, you can:

  • Upload your logo, adjust colors & texts on all pages
  • Send branded meeting invitations
  • Create a personalized booking page
  • Adjust the website widget to your page style
  • Add custom domain

💡Vicodo was designed to help brands foster customer communication. That's why we created the Invitation page. If your client clicks on the invite before the meeting, they are not looking at the infinite loading spinner. Invitation pages in Vicodo are fully brandable sites where customers can see the time left to the appointment, your custom texts, logo and background photo. It's up to you what you display - we bet you will find a way to utilize free advertising space!

3. Vicodo provides statistics

Data-driven decisions help businesses grow. We provide you with statistics concerning video calls, meeting invitations, the average meeting time and others. Based on that numbers, you can calculate how successful your support team is. Data opens the door to optimization. Test different texts, buttons, pictures, and check what influences conversion on your website!

Why Vicodo is the best alternative to Tidio & LiveChat

1. Vicodo provides Live video & chat on your website

We often say, show - don’t tell. It’s easy with the Live video & chat website widget. Run video calls directly on your website in the chat window. Start a call whenever you feel it's needed, or allow visitors to start them when words are not enough. No redirections, no switching between tabs - everything happens at your website, where clients need you most.

Your customers are camera-shy? No problem, we have that covered too!

2. Vicodo provides traditional chat with some extra features

If you prefer, you can stick to written communication. We make it easier with Quick responses. You can prepare answers to the most common questions in advance and use them during the conversation. You can also add attachments to the Quick responses.

💡 All files you send via the Live video & chat website widget and chat during the scheduled call are saved within the case. You can access them anytime you need!

3. Vicodo brings back the "human touch" into conversation

In most cases, customers contact brands when they need help. Even though bots are extremely popular and useful for repetitive tasks, from the customer’s point of view, their issue is not something repetitive. PwC Report shows that 59% of customers (globally) feel like brands lost their human approach, negatively affecting customer service. Being stuck in a conversation with a bot is more frustrating than waiting a bit longer for a professional answer.

💡 Even though bots are more and more advanced, customers are aware that they don’t care. Very often, going that extra mile and delivering a tailored solution that only a real person can come up with leads to closing a deal or getting a 5-star review.

On the other hand, bots are available 24/7, and you don’t… But why not be fully transparent with your customers? Let them know when they can reach you - set up operating online hours in Vicodo. For your offline time, display a link to your booking page.

Why Vicodo is the best alternative to HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the best and the most complex online CRM tools. However, the complexity and extensive choice, in some cases, may not be an advantage. It increases the amount of time needed to onboard new teammates, set up accounts and learn all the features. In Vicodo, we developed only the most important CRM features for effective customer video communication.

1. Vicodo provides a Case list with customers’ details

You can think of cases as clients' profiles combined with their tickets. Within the case, you can see all customer details, chat history, agents that took care of given conversation, sent files and extra notes you took on meetings. Everything you need for the best customer service is in one place. To keep the cases list updated, you can mark them as complete or active. Intuitive navigation help users shorten the answer time.

2. Vicodo provides Calendar view & integrations

If you want to quickly assess how busy you are on a given day, week or month, switch to the calendar view where all your meetings are displayed. If you decide to integrate Vicodo with your personal calendar, you will avoid scheduling conflicts. Thanks to this two-way integration, all events from your personal calendar are displayed in Vicodo as anonymised blockers with no details and description (we care about your privacy). Besides calendar integration, you can synch Vicodo with any other tools via API, Webhooks or Zapier.

3. Vicodo makes case management easier

Imagine you have to take an urgent day off, but an important client scheduled a meeting before you changed your availability. Instead of wasting hours describing the client’s issue to the colleague covering your shift, assign them to the case. They will be able to go through the contact history and lead the meeting. Once you are back, you will see all the new notes, sent files and updates. Replace back-an-forth emails with efficient workflow.

If you don’t want other operators to access your cases (for example, if you are a therapist and you deal with sensitive data on a daily basis), turn on the Separate Operators feature. It prevents other users from joining and browsing your cases!

💡 Depending on your company’s policy, you can use Vicodo and fit the settings to your teamwork and management style. All for the best efficiency and outstanding customer service!


Vicodo’s pricing is straightforward and transparent. We want our customers to understand what they are paying for. As there is no other all-in-one tool that offers the same set of features as Vicodo, we present different configurations of tools you may use to cover your video customer communication needs.

We used prices of plans that cover the most similar range of features offered by Vicodo.
For prices in dollars, we calculated the subscription cost in euros based on the average exchange rate in August 2022.

Key facts

  • Vicodo replaces up to 3 or 4 different tools you need to use to cover your customer communication needs.

  • Vicodo doesn’t require installation/ login / set up - your clients join 1:1 video meetings from computers and mobile devices just by clicking on the link they receive

  • Vicodo is a white-label solution - upload your logo, set up a custom domain, use your brand colors and adjust copy to promote your brand, not your software provider.

  • Vicodo offers The Live video & Chat website widget - start video calls with clients directly on your website. No redirections = higher conversion. Also available as a WordPress plugin.

  • Vicodo grants unlimited video meetings with no time restrictions, unlimited chat conversations, and unlimited cases.

  • Vicodo offers a personalized booking page where customers can schedule meetings with you.

  • Vicodo offers a 14-day free trial - register and try it now!

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