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The coronavirus (COVID-19) severely limits our everyday life.

Stay in touch with your customers without the hassle of installing software or apps - video calls with Vicodo works directly in the web browser (on computers, smartphones and tablets)!

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Use our 14-day free trial - Register now for free and invite your customers directly to a 1:1 video conversation by e-mail or SMS.

Adapt the design to your ideas very easily.

High resolution screenshots

API access
Create cases / conversations automatically via interface and thus integrate Vicodo into your existing workflow (API documentation)

Individual texts and senders for invitation e-mails and SMS

Recording of video conversations (optional)

User-defined fields
Create additional input fields, such as text fields or check boxes

Chat & files
Text chat and upload function for attachments and automated first welcome message

GDPR compliant! All data e.g. file attachments, it is stored in the EU (Germany and Ireland).

Special drawing function for insurance companies and support-relevant cases (customers can show you in real time on the smartphone where the damage or error is and mark it)

14 days free trial. No credit card required
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Frequently asked questions

My company has special requirements, could they be addressed?
Definitely! We would be happy to discuss your needs - and find or implement a solution that would fulfill them.
Can I have several conversations at the same time?
You can have a single video meeting and multiple chat conversations at the same time.
Does Vicodo work with smartphones?
Yes, we always make sure that Vicodo works well on every device - smartphones (iOS and Android), desktop computers (Windows and Mac) and tablets.
Do my team or customers need to download and install anything to use Vicodo?
Absolutely not! All you and your customers need to use Vicodo is an up-to-date browser.