Archiving video calls & chats


The optional recording feature gives the operator the ability to watch videos again. Conversations, interviews, surveys and other application scenarios can be shared within your organization and further processed.

Acivity Overview

Keep track! All communication is summarized in separate processes and can be called up at any time.

Take Screenshots at any time

During a video chat, the operator can take screenshots at any time. These are automatically stored encrypted in the document archive and can be retrieved again at any time.


All documents collected in a conversation, such as video recordings, screenshots, pictures and files, are clearly summarized in the document archive.

Download Option

You can download the contents of your document archive at any time and store it in-house.

Dokumenten Archiv

Alle in einer Unterhaltung gesammelten Dokumente, wie Videoaufnahmen, Screenshots, Bilder und Dateien werden übersichtlich im verschlüsselten Dokumenten Archiv zusammengefasst.

More amazing features

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