Chat and file transmission

Text Chat

With our text chat, you can communicate with your customers independently or during a video call. Write at the same time with different customers and thereby increase your efficiency. Inbound text messages are visually notified to you in your web console.

Chat History

Each conversation is stored encrypted and presented in a clear history. As a result, you or your colleagues can view the past communication at any time and continue as needed.

Send and receive images & documents

Exchange files easily and securely directly in the chat. Each received document is stored encrypted in the archive of your account and can be retrieved by you at any time.

Write Indicator

As soon as a text is entered, the other participant sees an animation (coming soon).

Read receipt

If a message has been read by a participant, the sender sees a read confirmation in the chat (coming soon).

Schreib Indikator

Sobald damit begonnen wird, ein Text einzugeben, sieht der jeweils andere Gesprächsteilnehmer eine Animation (In Kürze verfügbar).

More amazing features

Directly in the browser. No software installation