Live video communication

HD resolution & HD audio

A high quality audio and video transmission is the perfect basis for a successful conversation. Our intelligent system automatically determines the range of subscribers, adjusts accordingly, for a first-class communication experience.

Invitation via SMS and e-mail

It has never been easier to start a video conversation. Your conversation partner receives an invitation link via SMS or e-mail. With just one click and without specifying personal information, in the form of a registration, the conversation starts. There is no software to install. You just need a web browser!

Mobile & Desktop Support

With Vicodo® we want to provide you with a quick and easy way to have live video conversations with your customers. It is NOT necessary to install additional programs or apps for Android and iOS. A current web browser for computers or smartphones is sufficient for all participants.

Video Call Request

Our request feature optimizes your call management and allows you to visually see incoming live video calls in your web console. Thus invited customers have the option to start a video chat.

Audio only

Each participant can decide for himself if he wants to be visible via video. With the audio only option, the call partners have the possibility to reliably communicate with one another without an active camera or with a one-sided video transmission.

Video Call Anfrage

Unsere Anfrage-Funktion optimiert Ihr Gesprächsmanagement und ermöglicht es, eingehende Live-Video-Anrufe in Ihrer Web Konsole visuell angezeigt zu bekommen. Somit haben auch eingeladene Gesprächspartner die Option, ein Video Chat zu beginnen.

More amazing features

Directly in the browser. No software installation