Let your brand make an impression

Customize Vicodo’s design and content to match your company’s identity

Show your true colors

A brand is more than just a logo and a custom background picture. We get that. That’s why we give you absolute control over how you interact with customers - from the first welcome text to the color of the ‘Leave your feedback’ button.

Call page

A branded look to complement your brand voice.

Example of the branding posibilities on the video call page
Example of the branding posibilities on the video call page

Website widget

The right way to make the first impression.

Booking page

The premium experience right from the start.

Better brand recognition, increased conversion, or more loyal customers?

Why not all?

  • 10 seconds
    is enough to form an impression of your brand.

  • 23% higher revenue
    when a brand is presented consistently across all platforms.

  • 59% of customers
    spend more money with brands they are loyal to.

Imagine. Customize. Launch.

Design and personalize all your contact points with our what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor - no IT necessary. There’s no catch - it’s just that simple.

Keep the focus on your brand

Don’t distract your customers with the logo of a service provider. Remove Vicodo’s branding and enjoy a platform that looks like it was custom-made for your business.

Customize everything

Explore all features
Custom email and SMS invitations
Own domain
(Coming soon)
Multi-language support
Your favicon

Own terms of use and privacy policy
Custom SMS sender name

Curious how Vicodo would match with your brand?

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