Live video & chat website widget

Let the conversation begin

Set a live chat & video first contact point at your website or app and always be there when your customers need you.

Instant responses for instant engagement

Imagine a customer in need of assistance. Sure, you can make them browse through Help Centers or wait hours for an email reply - or you can let them go to your website, open the chat and get their solutions directly from you, fast and personal. Yes, it’s that simple.

Pro tip: You can add video to your live chat, too.

From visitors to customers

Present your products and services right as people are browsing your page and unlock their customer potential.

Faster than you can say ‘implemented’

Start live chatting the same day you register - without involving your IT team. Simply paste our code into your website or app, and you’re all set!

Want to check how live chat affects your conversion?

Now you can - for 14 days, for free, no credit card required.

  • 79%
    of customer prefer live chat conversations

    because of immediate responses.
  • 85%
    of website visitors who use live chat are more likely to convert into customers

  • 63%
    of customers who used live chat are likely to return to that website

Face-to-face communication is stronger relationships

Customers like to have a choice - for example, between an instant conversation via chat or a quick video call with a friendly agent, ready to answer their questions. Combine personal with professional and build customer connections that last.

Show, don’t tell

‘Please describe what you’re seeing on your screen’? No, thank you!  Instead, switch to screen sharing and solve customers’ issues quickly and smoothly.

Get personal from the start

Help customers meet your team even before the conversation begins - add their profile pictures to the widget for that extra personal touch.

Combine conversation with spreading brand awareness

How? By customizing the live chat widget to make it look like a native part of your website or app, from your logo to button colors.