Remote video assistance for
Banking and financial services

Build trust and provide excellent customer experience with video chat

Step into the new digital era and assist your customers with opening new accounts, recommend and cross-sell services, and provide financial advice remotely during personal and hassle-free video calls.

of people prefer online banking
over an in-branch visit
of bank customers have complained
about being redirected to the physical site
of bank customers prefer
multi-channel interactions

How can video assistance transform financial services?

Talk to customers at their convenience

Don’t make your customers change their schedule so they can visit your branch - let them book a consultation anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The in-branch experience made digital

Adopt a customer-centric approach and provide personalized 1-on-1 assistance and financial advice remotely.

KYC - Know Your Customer

Bring the customer identification process online and verify their identity during a convenient remote video call.

The professional look your customers expect

Stay ahead of the competition and build customers’ trust by keeping every page and feature on-brand.

How it works


Let your customers book an appointment - or contact you immediately

Let your customer contact you right from your website or schedule a meeting at their convenience.


Personal, 1-on-1 video meeting with a professional

Replace the in-branch visit with quick and convenient video meetings to help with setting up new accounts, promote your services or provide financial advice.


Simple identity verification

Use video to quickly verify your customer’s identity whenever necessary.


Successfully delivered service

Watch how the customer satisfaction rate soars thanks to your personalized and professional approach.

Key features for remote banking

Explore all features
First contact point on your website or app
Remote customer verification
1-click documents sharing
Mobile support
Screen sharing
Branded call page

Ready to start the digital transformation?