1-on-1 video call

Customer communication made personal

Assist, sell and solve issues with fast & convenient video meetings

Recreate the on-site experience - but faster, better and digital

The digital transformation is here. Choose the tool that will help you bring your business online - whether it’s sales, customer assistance, tech support, or remote consultations.

Text, audio & video - Talk the way you like

Your customers are feeling camera-shy? Don’t worry, we have chat and voice-only meetings as well.

Professional like you - File & screen sharing

You bring your excellent customer assistance skills. We bring all the tools you might need, including screen sharing, video recording, sharing files, and more.

Raise customer satisfaction today

Now you can - for 14 days, for free, no credit card required.

  • 30%
    shorter average live video chat session duration

    as compared to on-site meetings.
  • 89%
     of customers said that video chat was helpful

    in resolving their issue.
  • 30-45%
    increase in NPS score

    after switching to a video calling app.

Customer Experience that leaves an impression

Do you want customers to remember your service as fast, intuitive and hassle-free? Then show them that you value their time - with Vicodo, all they need to join a meeting is a link. No registrations, no downloads, no installations.

Video call on mobile or desktop

Be where your customers are. Mobile or stationary? With Vicodo, that doesn’t matter - you can invite them to meetings with an email or SMS.

Feedback form and rating

How to make customers even happier? By listening to their suggestions. Create your own custom feedback forms and always keep getting better.

What makes customer interactions truly unique? Your brand.

And now you get to show it at every meeting with our extensive branding features. It’s more than just adding your logo - it’s a full visual overhaul. No coding skills necessary.

Custom meeting page look

Personalized email invitations

Custom SMS messages