Why should I choose Vicodo

over other video meeting solutions, like Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp?


You get three major tools for the price of one.

Pure video meetings are not enough. That might sound weird coming from us - but we spent hundreds of hours researching the market and know that digital communication is evolving faster than ever before. And so are customer expectations.

So you start gathering your tools. You probably already have a CRM, but now you need a live chat (to engage customers right on your website), perhaps a meeting scheduling software as well, and… Wait a second. How many product licenses do you actually have to pay for?

With Vicodo, you get access to three major functionalities

A booking calendar, a live chat widget for websites and professional video meetings.

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All in the price of one license

And included in every plan.


You promote your brand, not the communication software.

Whether it is your customer, student, or patient, provide them with a consistent experience. Don’t let the branding of the video service provider drive their attention from your brand.

Emphasize your style, and build your brand awareness on every occasion. Make it memorable through colors, photos, and custom messages.

Your brand comes first

Make sure your business is always the star of the show. With our extensive branding features, every piece of the platform can look like taken straight out of your brand book - and keep the right tone of voice.

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No coding skills necessary

And the best part? You don’t need any technical skills. Simply open our easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor and make Vicodo look like a native part of your company toolkit.


You don't switch between platforms

You start your work by checking the calendar. Suddenly you get a call on your VoIP tool and need to launch the CRM to confirm the customer identity. Then you see that there are chat conversations awaiting, so you jump on the omnichannel platform… For us, that’s way too much clicking and wasting time.

Instant access to everything

You can access all the data instantly, with just one click - and edit it in real-time during your meetings. So skip the platform-juggling and save up to 1.5 hour each day!

All in one place

We have gathered it all in one place. With Vicodo, you only need to open one website to get access to:

  • live chats
  • video calls
  • customer data
  • personal and team calendars
  • the file archive
  • and much more.

You get a tool that supports your organization's structure and encourages teamwork.

Not all tools are fit for a team. Imagine you can have a video meeting using a popular free platform - but then you need to escalate the case or pass it on to your colleague. You have to call them and summarize the meeting, copy-paste the chat history, email the shared files… The list goes on.

Deep teamwork

Eliminate the time-consuming middlemen. At Vicodo, we understand how teamwork should look like: that’s why assigning, sharing, and escalating cases - along with all the crucial data - only takes a second. Now getting familiar with customer’s issue history can be done in a flash.


Integrate Vicodo with the tools you already use and reduce repetitive tasks. You can start simple - connect your external calendars with Vicodo and avoid scheduling conflicts.

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You don’t need to worry about what is going to happen with your data.

You are concerned about privacy - and you need software that will reflect that. You do not want to share more information than necessary (‘Why do they need my postal code anyway?’) and you want the data of your customers to be secure. Also, you absolutely do not want any uninvited guests to interrupt your meetings.

At Vicodo, we handle your (and your customers’) data as carefully as we would handle our own. This includes:

End-to-end encryption

Encrypting every connection, personal detail, or shared file.

Privacy by design

We will never ask for data that is not necessary to successfully communicate with your customers (so usually just your name and email address)

Password protected calls

Giving you the option to password-protect all your meetings


Making sure the platform is fully GDPR-compliant by for example storing all the data in European data centers.