Choose dialogue over one-way communication

Vicodo covers all your communication needs - from website video widget to scheduling tool and good old 1:1 meetings

Video calling on your website

Live chat is a great option to support your clients. Do you know what's even better? Face to face immediate support! With Vicodo live chat and video widget, you can take customer service to the next level. Start video calls on your website right away - no need of installing special software or apps. You can switch from chat to a video meeting in a second. Enjoy great video quality, show details, and run your business building valuable customer relationships - whether it's an online shop, a software company, or an insurance agency.

Send and receive files

Your client forgot to show you something? Ask them to send photos - Vicodo supports file sharing. If the person you are talking to needs more than quick advice, you can schedule a longer 1:1 meeting right away.

Easy implementation, powerful branding features

Implementing the Vicodo Video and live chat widget takes only a couple of minutes. You can brand it so it suits your website and looks like your own custom-made solution. Show your clients your true colors and make video meetings a new standard. Human-centric customer service is within your reach.

Let meeting attendees decide

How many emails do you send to schedule a meeting? Is it cost effective? Let technology help you! Use the booking page feature and allow your customers to schedule appointments when it suits them best. Create your personal scheduling page in no time, adjust it to your company branding without coding, and set up your availability. Don't worry about conflicting meetings! You can integrate Vicodo with your external calendar, so you stay on top of your agenda.

Intuitive booking page

What does it look like from the client's perspective? You can send them a unique link to your booking page, they choose a date and time of a meeting. You may also ask them to answer some questions before your video call, so you are prepared better. Easy, right? They can join the call from the mobile phone or computer. No installation is needed.

Increased efficiency

So why waste your time on back and forth emails, comparing calendars, and using couple of apps instead of one that covers it all? Many businesses already switched to Vicodo - you can join them right away!

1:1 - share presentations, record meetings and never compromise on video quality

Do you know that asking clients to install the video call app before meetings results in a higher rate of rejected invitations? Vicodo is a unique video conferencing software that works on mobile and desktop devices without installation.

No installation - send an invite and start a call from any device

How to start a video? It's simple. You can schedule or start an immediate video meeting, attendant receives SMS or email invitation with a link. A single click and they are in! Video communication provided by Vicodo is the best solution to connect with clients on the go. Your employees working on the field or remote workers can join the video from their mobile phones without losing the video and audio quality. Besides, we provide video recording and file storage, so you keep data in one place.

Engage customers

How do you handle 1:1 video communication? Do you know how to engage participants during a video conference? Most video call apps cover screen sharing, but Vicodo gives you the extra feature - screen drawing. Mark what you are talking about, grab the attention and make sure you communicate effectively

Group video - coming soon!

Do you need to run meetings for two or more people? Soon you will be able to invite more participants to your video calls!

What is video based communication?

The definition of video based communication is simple: it's the ability to interact using audio and video on mobile or desktop devices. Almost two years after the sudden transition to remote work, remote teaching, and maintaining relationships thanks to technology and the internet, we know more about how to effectively use video communication for various purposes. At first, frequent video conferences led to so-called zoom fatigue. No wonder we were fed up. We are used to energizing dialogues with no glitches and sound interruptions, with immediate responses, and facial expressions that sometimes say more than words.

Vicodo is the web-based solution supporting real dialogue. It allows users to quickly switch from chat to video using the website widget, draw on the screen and show things as they would do live. You and your customers can switch devices, work from different locations, enjoy the great video quality and hear each other with no disruptions. Vicodo is more than a video conferencing app. It's the first solution with all the features companies need to make communication more personal.