Terms & conditions

These terms of use (“TU”) are part of the user agreement between the customer and VICODO (the “Agreement”). These TU apply to the use of the usage services by the customer and his user.

In the event of a violation of this TU, the customer's services may be suspended or terminated, as explained in the agreement.

The following terms have the meaning assigned to them in the agreement.

  1. Use of user services

Neither the customer nor its user may:

  • interfere with or attempt to interfere with the operation or proper operation of the User Services;
  • Upload material to VICODO technology or use the services to save or transmit material that violates the personal rights of third parties;
  • Upload malware to VICODO technology or use the usage services to store or transmit malware; Malware are programs (codes, scripts, active content and other software) that are designed to disrupt or prevent operations, to collect information for the purpose of loss of privacy or data analysis, or to gain unauthorized access to system resources, or the show other abusive behavior. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, fraudulent adware, scareware, crimeware, most rootkits, and other malware and programs;
  • use the services for sending unsolicited bulk emails outside of your organization or allow their use for these purposes. The term “unwanted mass emails” encompasses all legal or customary definitions or the legal or customary understanding of these terms in the relevant legal system, in particular the understanding specified in the American CAN-SPAM Act for “commercial electronic mail messages”.
  • Upload, transmit or otherwise process Protected Health Information ((PHI) or other regulated data or information in violation of any applicable law or regulation.
  • Upload, transmit or otherwise process Payment Card Information (PCI) in violation of applicable security guidelines for payment card information or other corresponding requirements.
  • impair or interfere with the integrity or performance of the user services or impair the integrity of third party data that is stored or processed with the help of the user services or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the user services or their related systems or networks; or
  • Attempt to research, scan or penetrate a VICODO system or network or to test its vulnerability, or to circumvent VICODO's security or authentication measures either passively or intrusively or through social engineering without VICODO's express prior written consent or hurt.

  1. Shared resources
    Neither the customer nor its user may use VICODO systems or networks or VICODO technology in a way that unnecessarily disrupts their normal operation or consumes a disproportionate amount of their resources. The customer agrees that VICODO may block or delete data stored on VICODO systems or networks if VICODO reasonably believes that the data is infected with malware or otherwise damaged and possibly VICODO systems or networks or the VICODO technology or the Infect or damage other customers' data that is stored using VICODO systems or networks or technology, or that is accessed using VICODO systems or networks or technology. The customer and his user will follow all written security or network access requirements that VICODO provides to the customer in connection with his use of the usage services.

  1. Other networks
    The customer and his user must follow the rules of other networks to which they access or in which they participate in the use of the user services.

  1. Abuse
    Neither the customer nor its user may use the VICODO network or services to display, support or promote prohibited, abusive or irresponsible behavior; which also includes:
  • Unauthorized access to or use of data, systems or networks, including attempts to explore or scan a system or network or to test its vulnerability, or to violate security or authentication measures without the express permission of the system or network owner;
  • Monitoring data or traffic on a network or system without the express permission of the system or network owner;
  • Impairment of the services of a user of the VICODO or other network, including through mail bombs, flooding with mail, deliberate attempts to overload the system and broadcast attacks;
  • Use of an internet account or computer without the consent of the relevant owner;
  • Collecting and using email addresses, nicknames or other names without the consent of the designated person (including through phishing, internet fraud, password theft, spidering and harvesting);
  • Collecting and using information without the consent of the owner of that information;
  • Use of the user services to distribute software that secretly collects information about a user or secretly transmits information about this user; or
  • Any conduct that is likely to result in retaliation against the VICODO network or the VICODO website or against VICODO employees, executives or other authorized persons, including behavior that leads to a server being the target of a denial of service Attack (DoS) will.

  1. Offensive content
    Neither the customer nor its user may publish or transmit content or links to content via the VICODO network or devices, which VICODO believes:
  • are obscene;
  • include harassing content or hate text, or is violent, or encourages or threatens to use violence;
  • are unfair or fraudulent under consumer law laws;
  • are defamatory or violate a person's privacy;
  • jeopardize a person's safety or health or endanger public safety or health, conflict with applicable law or interfere with an investigation by law enforcement;
  • misuse any company secret or other confidential or proprietary information;
  • help others to overturn technical copyright protection;
  • infringe a copyright, trademark or service mark, patent or other property right of another or personal rights;
  • are illegal or prompt behavior that is illegal under the laws applicable to you or VICODO; or
  • are otherwise malicious or malicious or can lead to retaliation against VICODO on the part of angry readers or recipients.

  1. Other

If the services are interrupted due to a violation of the TU, the customer is not entitled to a credit or other compensation.

Last change: 21.04.2020