Remote video assistance for
Technical support and contact centers

Reduce your operating costs and provide customer-oriented, personal support

Reduce costs with the video damage assessment and provide outstanding service by processing your customers’ claims even on their First Notice of Loss.

of customers claims that video chat was helpful
in resolving their issue
fewer technician dispatches
after introducing video assistance
increase in NPS score

How can video assistance transform technical support and customer assistance?

Increase customer satisfaction with a personal approach

Give your customers the assistance they deserve - by offering them personal assistance with a human face during 1-on-1 video chat.

Reduce technician dispatch rate and save money

With visual and audio guidance from an agent, most minor issues can be resolved right there during your first conversation.

No more NFF returns

No Fault Found events driving your operating costs up? Video chats will help your agents easily assess the issue and decide on the course of action.

Well-informed agents = happier customers

Information about the customer and case history is the key to providing the best customer experience. With Vicodo, all the data is available with just one click.

How it works


A new ticket appears

Customers can contact you right from your website or app, or book a meeting at their convenience.


Reviewing the problem during a 1-on-1 video chat

Conduct a video inspection and help the customer solve the issue or decide if there is a need to ship the product for repairs or dispatch a technician.


The follow-up

Share the requested files with your customer, escalate the case to other departments, or support the technician remotely during the on-site visit.


Closing the case

Resolve the issue quickly and successfully, and enjoy the high KPI score.

Key features for remote customer support

Explore all features
Live chat on your website or app
Video or audio-only calls
Case (ticket) system
Transferring and escalating cases
Customer profile with custom data fields
Front and back camera switch

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